CR 388 - multifunction steaming centre
  • Premium Series for Premium You

    Nothing more important than you and your baby
    • Content sterile in 9 minutes
    • Just add water and select mode
    • Keep content sterile
    • Natural steam sterilization
    • Steam, heat, and keep warm in a single push
  • Content Sterile in 9 Minutes

    The advantage of steam sterilization is that it is much quicker (and safer) than the traditional method of boiling bottles in a pan on the stove. The sterilizer takes as little as 9 minutes to sterilize a full load of 3 bottles, nipples, and dome caps.
  • Just Add Water and Select Mode

    Aside from its advanced functionality, the sterilizer is simple and straightforward to use. Just add water, load the sterilizer and select the mode. No matter what your routine will be, this sterilizer will make the daily sterilizing chore easier
  • Keep Content Sterile

    This advanced sterilizer makes sure you always have a sterile bottle at hand by keeping contents sterile for max 8 hours.
  • Natural Steam Sterilization

    Sterilizing is all about protecting your baby from particularly harmful milk bacteria until his immune system is strong enough. This sterilizer uses the hospital method of steam sterilization, which is quick, easy and efficient, with no chemicals involved.
  • Steam, Heat, and Keep Warm in a Single Push

    Using the natural steam from water combining with our intelligent design, makes use of the products to its fullest functionality. You can sterilize, heat, keep warm, extract juices, feed you love one, all from a single products.

Technical Specification :

  • Power Usage : 240 watt
  • Voltage : 220 – 240 volt
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Country of Origin : China