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17 Jun 2016

Welcome to Saint Parish Website E. Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is a parish of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in South and Northern America's American American Diocese. The parish was recognized on May 4, 1952 once the thirty leaders and their psychic father, Fr achieved. Nikolaj Dazgich. Today, our increasing community welcomes to ask about our Orthodox Christian Faith and all to worship with us. We impatiently anticipate your visit. Lord bless you! Target: 92117; Tel, 3025 Denver Avenue, North Park, CA. 619-276-5827 0 Fr. Deacon Paul, Bratso Krsic along with the overall George Serbian Orthodox Church communicate their serious heartfelt, concern and sorrow prayerful assistance.

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Djokan Majstorovic and his beloved group for the significant flame that ruined on Sunday evening (May 1st, 2016; Pascha-Easter) the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of E Sava in lower Manhattan, Nyc. To learn more, please follow St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, New York, website: . : o 2016. , -, ,: ,, ,,: ?,. , ! (, 9.

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The Serbian Orthodox Church to her religious youngsters at Pascha, 2016 From the Acceptance of God Orthodox Archbishop of Pec, Urban of Belgrade Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch, with all the Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Chapel to most of the clergy, monastics, and all the sons and daughters of our Sacred Church: grace, mercy and contentment from Lord the Daddy, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and also the Holy Spirit, together with the memorable Paschal greeting: Christ is increased, trampling demise and rearing the dead. Celebrate (Paschal Brother, Ode 9) Let us enjoy today, sisters and dear brothers, our Lord God, For He's visited and redeemed Their people (E. Lenny 1:68) sufficient reason for the light of Their Resurrection He enlightens the whole galaxy! Let's glorify our Lord who was raised for the justification, and was delivered up because of our offenses. (Romans 4:25) Let us glorify our Master Who, having turn into a gentleman for people, has died to ensure that by His Resurrection he could available to us doors of new existence! For all we who have been baptized into Christ, in God we've died towards the old man, so he was, restored in by reborn, that resurrected, we could live with Him forever. Romans 6:8) Jesus is increased in the dead and contains become the Firstborn of the useless (cf. I Corinthians 15:20), to ensure that we too who've died in Adam, may be built alive in God, being a new creation.

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We respect our Moms and receive Pals and our Parishioners in the future and enjoy our Cathedral Slava. An unique plan and leisure will need position after the Liturgy. 9am 10am Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Banquet, Unique System. Enjoyment by Nostalgija and Sladana Ristic Select Easter Flyer (orange) link to open PDF of Pascha EasterFlyer 10am Divine Liturgy followed closely by the Pascha Party, music and party 10 For Food concerns, please, RSVP by April 24 th. 2016 and mail to: Mrs. Marija Milasinovic CA 92011, o SOC, 7175 Group, Carlsbad Person: $25; Youngsters age 12-5 $10; Children under 5 free I cannot attend. Please, take my gift of $ . For inquiries contact Marija 760-300-9542.